Friday, October 21, 2016

A New Wayne-Dalton Garage Door Will Add Curb Appeal

Living in a warmer climate, like Northern California, affords many garage door options that would not work as well in other parts of the country.  At Hanson Overhead - North Bay, we feature the full Wayne-Dalton series of garage doors.  The choices for a new garage door is as varied as the grape varietals grown in Sonoma County and the home designs we find throughout our community.

The classic steel garage door is still the most prevalent option found on Sonoma on Marin County homes.  Steel is utilized on single and double garage doors.  Highly durable, the steel door can last a couple decades with regular service.  Options vary with color, insulation, hardware and window treatment options.  Wayne-Dalton TruChoice Color provides 6000+ color options to match your home.

However, your style options do not end with the classic steel door.  Wayne-Dalton provides high-end Handcrafted Wood garage doors, Contemporary Aluminum, Steel Carriage House doors, Vinyl and Fiberglass door.  If you want the wood finish look on your home, but are concerned about maintenance then a wood grain finish can be applied to even the classic steel doors.  A new garage door that will increase your home value is well worth the initial investment.

Give us a call and schedule your new garage door estimate.  Hanson Overhead will be able to help you provide a facelift to your home.