Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Wayne-Dalton Wooden Doors Make the Home

Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors are synonymous with quality and performance.  Did you know they are also available in numerous materials and over 6000 color choices?

Hanson Overhead installed several wooden Wayne-Dalton garage doors on a beautiful home in Kenwood, CA this year.  The Model 7411 - Belmont Design doors included squared glass top sections with 12 True Divided Lites windows.  We worked with our clients to select garage doors that would accent their home design.

Our technician painted the garage doors onsite prior to installation.  The single-car door is actually non-operational, but is the home laundry.  By the time our team had completed the project the new wooden garage doors looked like they had been a part of the original home construction.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fires Still Impact Hanson-North Bay Service Area

The Tubbs, Nuns and Atlas fires are still active in our service area, as over 10,000 fire fighters and emergency personnel have worked to protect our region. Our prayers continue for those that have lost so much during this tragic event. Many thanks go to First Responders for their diligence to save our community.

All of our team is safe and have been camped out in our Cotati Office.  At least one Hanson truck and technician home have been lost.  We await news regarding other homes and property.

Help people affected by the California wildfires by visiting, calling 1- 800-RED CROSS or texting the word CAWILDFIRES to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from this disaster.

Thank you for your prayers during these devastating fires.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Garage Door Inspiration Found at the Front Door

Recently, we were asked to match new garage doors to our client's beautiful wood front door.  Yes, we are a garage door service and repair company.  However, we are often inspired to capture the beauty and creativity found in the North Bay.

Traditional Carriage House Doors could have been cost prohibitive for this project.  We were able to match the front door with C.H.I. carriage style panel design doors.  The cedar wood grain finish is a close match to the existing front door.

Additional carefully selected features were the Arched Stockton Glass Design, Spade Decorative Hardware and custom stained 1"x4" wood cedar trim around each opening.  The final result are professionally installed 9'x7' Model 5916 C.H.I. Garage Doors that complement the existing structure.

Call Hanson Overhead today for a budget friendly solution to your new custom garage door aspirations!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hurricane Disaster Relief

As a Northern California garage door company, we understand the risks of living in the Bay Area.  A major earthquake can impact our area at any time.  Our family and friends along the Gulf of Mexico to the Southeastern Seaboard have been impacted by 3 major hurricanes.  In the Florida Keys alone, 10,000 people are without homes, which is 1/8th of the population.  Puerto Rico will be without power for months.  Islands we may have visited in the Caribbean have received catastrophic damage.

At Hanson Overhead, we invite our clients and community to reach out and help those impacted by the hurricanes.  We never know when we may need their help during an earthquake.  Consider donating to American Red Cross or for our furry friends, The Humane Society of the United States.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave or Activity Room

Want to turn your garage into the ultimate “Man Cave”?  Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service can help with that!  We are proud to announce a product line by CHI Overhead Doors that will help transform your dull garage/warehouse into a space with your own “Personal Touch”.  When you order your new garage door, we now offer a variety of Digital Printing options on the interior.  For example, Major League Baseball Logos.   You can choose from 3 different design templates on both American League and National League Baseball Teams.

Own a business?  Have your Logo custom printed on your new door right at the factory! Let your garage door catch the attention of your customers, and provide a great way to brand your business by displaying your Logo!  There are also multiple photo images to choose from to suit your style!

In addition, you have the option to choose CHI’s state of the art Appearance Package with any new garage door!  With the Appearance Package, your garage door will come equipped with all the hardware powder coated white.  The package includes: Hinges, Hinge Screws, Reinforcing Struts and Tracks.  This is a great feature to add to any garage that may get used as a livable/workable space.

So, when you’re attempting to give your garage that “Personal Touch”, remember Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service of the North Bay area!  You’ll be glad you did…

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hanson Overhead Garage Door Tips for Garage Door Safety Month

It’s Garage Door Safety Month!!  

Did you know that June is Garage Door Safety Month?  It’s that time of year when we are getting outside a bit more and doing things around the house.  Maybe you’re using your garage door a bit more – getting out the lawn equipment or getting the bikes out for a nice ride?  It’s a great reminder to make sure your garage door is maintained and working safely.   
Here are just a few things you can do to make sure things are safe and running smooth: 
  • Avoid keeping clutter around the sides of your garage door.  For example, golf clubs, lawn equipment, brooms and rakes, or anything that could possibly fall over and create an obstruction while the door is in motion.  This will help prevent accidents that could result in your garage door coming off track.   
  • Make sure your garage door opener’s safety eye sensors are clean of debris and are aligned properly.  These sensors trigger the garage door to reverse direction when closing, should there be something that crosses the threshold of the door.   
  • Do a safety reversal test.  There are two safety reversal tests that you can perform to ensure the garage door opener’s safety functions are working properly.   
  • Safety Eye Sensor Test.  While the door is moving towards the closed position, break the invisible beam going across the garage door opening.  You can do this by waving your hand in front of one of the sensors.  (Please be sure to keep hands and feet clear of all moving parts and hardware).  The door should reverse once the beam is broken.  If it does not reverse, please call a professional to troubleshoot. 
  • Contact Reversal Test.  Place a 2x4 board flat on the ground, in the middle of the garage door threshold.  Push the button to close.  The door should reverse upon contact with the 2x4.  If it does not reverse, please call a professional to troubleshoot. 
  • Preventative Inspection   
  • Check the cables on either side of the garage door.  Make sure they are not fraying.   (Please remember keep hands away from moving hardware of the garage door) 
  • Check for cracks in the sections of the garage door.  Whether you have a steel or wood door, cracks and tears are bad news for your garage door.  Not only is this a safety issue, but sagging sections can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the garage door opener. 
  • Inspect the garage door for cracked, worn, or broken hardware.  Call a professional to replace any worn or broken hardware.  
Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service is committed to your safety for 2017!  We’ll handle all the safety inspections and preventative maintenance for you.   Call today for our 44 Point Signature Garage Door Tune up!  For the month of June only, we are offering a $50 discount!  Just mention this article! 


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

C.H.I. Model 2216 New Garage Doors Installation


Recently we installed new C.H.I. garage doors at a home in Healdsburg, CA.  The Steel Back Insulated garage doors are Model 2216 and are injected with polyurethane insulation.  The wood grain finish is Dark Oak.  The wood grain trim surrounding the doors were stained and installed by Hanson Overhead.
After Installation
New CHI Garage Doors

Friday, May 5, 2017

Insulated Garage Door vs. Non-Insulated

Is an insulated garage door better then non-insulated?  
Is there really a significant difference in  Northern California? 

Homeowners find themselves asking these question at some point while researching a new garage door – and rightfully so.  There are significant differences between Insulated and Non-Insulated Garage Doors.  The types of materials can vary greatly from Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Vinyl and Wood.  The most common garage doors today are made of Steel, so to keep things simple we’ll focus there.

Steel garage doors are typically offered in 3 different grades. 
  • Non-Insulated
  • 2-Layer Insulation
  • 3-Layer Insulation
When trying to decide on which grade to purchase, you must consider 3 things: Cost, Strength and Durability, and R-Value.

Non-Insulated Garage Doors are generally the least expensive, the weakest and have 0 R-Value.  (R-Value is a number used to rate how well something insulates from temperature)  These doors tend to flex and bounce during operation - especially when it’s a 2-car sized door.  This can cause metal fatigue over the years and the sections can crack and tear.  They are also generally louder than Insulated Doors due to the sound resonance. 

2-Layer Insulated Doors are a slightly better choice than the Non-Insulated Door.  The added layer is a Polystyrene Insulation board that is inserted in the open spaces of the interior of the garage door.  There is a Vinyl protective skin that adheres to the foam board.  This added layer helps to strengthen the sections and adds R-value to the door. 

3-Layer Insulated Doors typically come in two different grades.  However, this will depend on the manufacturer of the door.  The 3 layers are made up like a sandwich: Steel – Insulation – Steel.  The lower grade will use a Polystyrene board in between the two layers of steel.  The added layer of steel on the inside increases the strength of the sections dramatically and also adds R-Value.

The higher grade will use a Polyurethane Foam Injection.  This method offers yet more strength and even more R-Value.  The Polyurethane Insulated Doors are the top grade for these reasons, in addition to adding dent resistance.  The foam injection fills the raised panel from top to bottom, front to back.  Less air space between the sections means they are less susceptible to denting.   3-layer doors are also great if you are going to spend some time in the garage (for example: Laundry room, Workshop, Office, Playroom, etc...)
Also, remember, if your garage is attached to an entry way into your home, you can decrease costs on your monthly Heating and Cooling expenses by choosing an Insulated Garage Door. 

Call Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service for a Free In-Home Consultation.  We’ll tailor your garage door to your needs and design ideas!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bay Area Winter Storms Can Create the Need for a New Garage Door

This Winter has helped Northern California break the several year drought, but it may also reveal issues with your garage door.  Hanson Overhead of Sonoma and Marin counties feature the Wayne-Dalton series 8000 and 8200 steel garage doors.  The Model 8000 is an un-insulated door, but can be upgraded with wind load reinforcement to withstand the Pacific winds that can impact the North Bay.  If you are looking for an insulated alternative, the Model 8200 has an insulation R-value of 7.4.  It is considered the best of this garage door range.

Choose your door style, color, window panel design and hardware.  Then Hanson Overhead will professionally install your new garage door, which is covered by a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Give us a call to schedule your installation and ask about any new door specials!