Sunday, January 8, 2012

Need your Garage Door Repaired or Replaced?

Is your garage door more of an annoyance than a benefit to your family? Does it make more noise than you think it should, or take more effort to open than it used to? Then call the experts at Hanson Overhead Garage Door in Santa Rosa!  Their trained service technicians will inspect your door and give you a proper estimate of what it will take to get it back in top working order!

Every great garage door company recommends that your doors be serviced once a year to keep them in top working order.  Neglected garage doors tend to make small problems worse over time, wearing out components, slipping tracks, squeaks and creaks, and sometimes seizing up completely.  Regular maintenance ensures that your garage door will continue to operate in like new condition for many years to come.

Are you ready to get your garage door back to where it should be?  Give Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service a call today!