Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hanson Overhead Garage Door Remodel and Installation

Spring is a great time to consider home remodeling projects, which include garage doors.  Often home owners only consider a new garage door installation of an existing garage door.  There are times, though, where a remodel is necessary.  

One of the garage door remodels Hanson completed was with Realtor and General Contractor, Leon Geisberg.  In this case, the garage had been converted into additional living space.  The remodel entailed reconverting the space back into a garage.

Home prior to remodel.
Home after Hanson Overhead garage remodel.
Our trained technicians removed the 2 existing sliding doors and eliminated the center post found in the upper photo.  Then they had to shear wall the interior of the garage with plywood for additional support.  Once the removal and interior construction was completed the single 2-car garage door was installed, as shown in the lower photo

The final result is a home that actually looks more polished and inviting.  In addition, resale potential increased for this home by reconstructing the garage space.  We enjoyed the challenge this remodel presented and respect Leon's professionalism each time we've had the opportunity to work with him.

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