Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Garage Door Safety Sensor Issues | Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service-Santa Rosa

Garage door sensor used to safely open and close the door with a garage door opener.
Have you ever had trouble closing your garage door?  This can be somewhat of a nuisance, yet in most cases, an easy problem to fix yourself.
Inevitably, the sides of our garage is where we like to store items like our golf clubs and garbage cans.  This is also where our garage door openers’ safety sensors are located.  It’s not uncommon for us to bump into them with the weekly garbage run to the street.  Once these sensors are bumped out of alignment, it sends a signal to the motor that there is an obstruction blocking the door from closing safely and will not put the door down.  Those who are persistent find out that if they hold down the button on the wall, the door will close.  (This bypasses the safety sensors)  

An easy fix is to walk over to the sensors and visually make sure they are pointed straight and directly facing each other.  Usually there are light indicators on the sensors themselves which may blink, flicker or not be lit at all until the invisible beam between the two sensors is connected.   Once the indicator light is lit solid, then your garage door is considered safe to close without obstruction.

Should this attempt to align the sensors yourself not solve the problem, please call a professional to look into this further, as there may be other issues with either the opener or the garage door itself.   Sometimes, when the garage door opener says the door is not safe to close… It’s not safe to close!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Garage Door Weather Seal Repair | Hanson Overhead - Santa Rosa

It’s that time of year again…  Although, for as dry as it’s been, and as much as we welcome the rain, we don’t necessarily welcome it into our garage!

Here are some ways you can prevent wind and rain from invading your home through your garage.


Bottom Garage Door Weather Seal:

Most of the time if there is water entering your garage, it’s due to a worn Bottom Seal or an uneven slab.  The garage door may seal tightly on one side and not so well on the other.  An old, worn bottom seal on your door may need to be replaced to ensure a tight seal all the way across the opening.
You can also try some other alternatives to seal larger gaps under your door.  For example, a larger Bulb Bottom Seal can be installed.  Or a Garage Door Threshold can also be an option when you want to block water from entering.  The rubber Threshold is glued down to the cement and the garage door sits on top of it.  You can even use the larger seal and threshold together if needed.

Vinyl Climate Seal:

For applications where you are trying to prevent driving wind and rain from entering your garage from the side of the garage door, you’ll want to seal the perimeter of your garage door opening with Climate Seal.  This vinyl trim can be found in a number of different colors. However, White or Almond are most readily available.  This simple addition to your garage door can not only seal the opening extremely well, but it also offers a nice finished wood textured look.

All of these weather sealing options are available through Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service.  Please call and schedule you free consultation today!