Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vaulted Garage Safety - Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service of Sonoma County

Is your Garage considered a Vault?

A Vault? You may ask… A vault is considered a closed space with only one entrance and exit. Obviously, for a garage, this would be the garage door.

Why is knowing about a Garage Vault Lock important?

If you happen to have a garage that is detached from your home, it will be very difficult for you to use your remote transmitter to open the garage door in the event there is a power outage. That’s right… Your car is trapped, and you need to get to work or take the kids to school.

What do you do with a Garage Vault Release Lock?

Aside from waiting for the power to come back on, there are two solutions to prevent this problem. The first is to have what called a ‘Vault Release Lock’ installed on your garage door. This is a cylinder lock that gets mounted to the center of the door. On the inside, there is a cable that attaches to your emergency release pull cord on your garage door opener. In the event of a power outage, or your automatic garage door opener fails, you can insert a key into the Vault Lock and pull the cord, thus disengaging the garage door from the garage door opener. Now you should be able to open the door manually.

Another option would be to have a garage door opener installed that has a Battery Backup System. Modern technology has provided us with garage door openers that use DC Motors. This not only provides a quiet, smooth operation of your garage door, but it also is what makes Battery Backup Systems possible. A typical Battery Backup will operate your door up to 10 times or hold a charge for up to 24 hours. This feature could be invaluable for those that aren't able to manually lift their garage door, or simply don’t want to bother with the inconvenience.

It is still recommended to have a Vault Release Lock installed regardless of if you have a Battery Backup Garage Door Opener. In the event, your opener should fail; you still have a means of opening your garage door.

Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service is fully equipped to handle either one of these projects for you! Ask about our Vault Release Locks and the Garage Door Openers we have to offer!