Thursday, June 9, 2016

June Is National Garage Door Safety Month

A garage door is the largest moving object in your house.  Many households will use their garage door more frequently than their front door.  Usage increases during the summer months as outdoor activities increases.  Bicycles are taken out from winter storage.  The lawnmower and gardening equipment see the light of day.  More frequent trips to and from the home are taken with the longer days.

There are a list of things that can fail on your garage door if not maintained properly.  The list includes: springs, rollers, pulleys, panels, sensors, cables, chains, and garage door openers.  Your front door has hinges, handle, lock and the door itself.  Annual maintenance is necessary for your garage door and garage door opener.  There is nothing worse than having the garage door malfunction as you are on your way to a sporting event or a road trip.

Hanson Overhead, serving Sonoma and Marin counties, offers a 44-point tune-up that includes your garage door and garage door opener.  Our trained and certified technicians will re-align, lubricate, calibrate and tighten your garage door and opener to ensure they are in proper working order.  We recommend a yearly tune-up.